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New Property Acquired for Trail Near Otter Lake

Otter Lk Preserve
Otter Lk Preserve map
The Alliance has purchased a new piece of property within our eastern corridor. This beautiful undeveloped 76 acre property is now called the Otter Lake Preserve. It contains high-relief hummocky glacial topography, including a kettle lake, a marsh, a stream, and several small ice-walled lake plains. It is a hilly property that will connect 365th Street to County H at the southeast end of Otter Lake. It will take several years to get trail established, and once it is done, it will be a beautiful piece of trail to hike.

Thank you to Jared Wildenradt (8 time IAT hiker) for bringing this property to the attention of the Alliance and the Chippewa Moraine Chapter.

Please wait until the trail is finished before hiking on this property.