Pleistocene Geology of Chippewa County

Download the book and maps for free

Probably the most complete description of the impact of the glaciers in Chippewa County can now be easily found in free publications by Kent Syverson, professor of geology at UW-Eau Claire. The bulletin, Pleistocene Geology of Chippewa County, Wisconsin (2007), goes in depth into glacial activity and resulting landforms.

Be sure to also download the companion map and cross-section diagram that accompany the bulletin. Together, the publications will help you understand how a glacial geologist gathers and interprets data in order to understand the geologic history "puzzle."

The downloadable PDFs are available online from the Wisconsin Geological and Natural History Survey [WGNHS]. Go to to select and download the publications.

The WGNHS website has a wealth of more general or state-wide publications about glacial history, along with in-depth bulletins for many other counties. Start here:]( and then explore the entire website.