New Trail Bridge at Brunet Island State Park


A new bridge has been installed on the Jean Brunet Trail on Brunet Island State Park. The old trail bridge was in rough shape.  The ramps onto the bridge had become very steep and difficult to go up and down, and the bridge was becoming unstable. Park Ranger Zach Thon and the Friends of Brunet Island State Park applied for a grant to replace the bridge. They received a grant, but not the full amount they asked for. There was enough money to purchase the materials, but not enough to pay for the construction.  Our chapter has an experienced bridge building crew led by Bruce France and Norm Card. Because the chapter has a strong partnership with Brunet Island State Park, we offered to build the bridge for them at no cost. Bruce worked with Zach to design the new bridge using IAT standards. The crew spent 3 full days to remove the old bridge and install the new bridge. The new bridge is longer than the old bridge and spans the channel.  Because the new bridge does not have posts in the water, it should last for many decades to come. 


Old Bridge — Steep Climb!