Meet Our Chapter Leadership Team!

Elections were held at the November 15th Chippewa Moraine Chapter Annual Meeting.  

  • Chapter Chair/Coordinator: Vicki Christianson
  • Vice Chair: Serena Stipek
  • Vice Chair-Maintenance: Jerry Sazama
  • Secretary: Mary Skalecki
  • Treasurer: Tom Kolb

Snowshoe hike near in Chippewa Moraine Ice Age Unit near Obey Interpretive Center

Vicki has been a member of the chapter since 2004.  She is active with work days, shuttles, and headed up the project to establish Cornell as a Trail Community. She recently developed the local resources for the Mammoth 40 Challenge. She’s been working for several years at hiking the entire Ice Age Trail, and lives in Cornell.  This will be Vicki’s second year as Chapter Coordinator.  She is very grateful to Richard Smith for all of his training and advice during her first year in this role.  He was instrumental in her success.

Jerry needs no introduction as he has been active in many aspects of chapter leadership for many years. Jerry manages the maintenance program, devoting countless hours to it. 

Mary has been an active member of the chapter since 2004.    This will be her second year to  serve as Secretary. 

Tom is another long-time chapter volunteer.   This will be his second year serving as Secretary.

Serena Stipek has been newly elected to serve as Vice Chair.  Serena is a new member this year.  She completed hiking the Ice Age Trail this year, and has developed a love of the trail.  Thank you, Serena, for sharing your time and your talents with the chapter.  We look forward to working with you.

A heartfelt thank you to Tony Schuster for his many years of serving the chapter.  We look for to seeing you and Nancy at future events.

The email address for the chapter remains