Ice Age National Scenic Trail Is Now A National Park!

The Ice Age National Scenic Trail is now an official unit of the National Park Service!  

The change in status was announced by National Park Service Director, Chuck Sams, during a press call with Wisconsin Senator Tammy Baldwin. (The North Country Trail and New England Trail were included in the status change and are also now units of the National Park Service.)
Attaining unit status has been a goal of the Ice Age Trail Alliance for decades. Many, many people—Alliance leadership, board members, volunteers, and supporters—have championed the cause. And at last, your voices were heard.  So, thank you.

Unit Status is Important Because…

  • It recognizes the work of volunteers like you, who donate their time to the Trail.
  • It opens up new funding opportunities for the Trail.
  • It levels the playing field: now the Ice Age Trail, North Country Trail, and New England Trail will be treated the same as other National Scenic Trails and National Parks.

As Tammy Baldwin said of the unit designation, “the Ice Age Trail and North Country Trail officially joined the ranks of the most iconic landmarks in the United States.” 

So, here’s to the Ice Age Trail—an official unit of the National Park Service. And here’s to you. Thanks for everything you’ve done to make the Trail what it is. And for everything you’ll do to get it closer to completion.