Chapter Calendar 2023


These are our annual events.  Watch for additions and changes (in red) to this calendar in the monthly newsletters.  

Mar. 20 Chapter Meeting

April 15  Monthly Trail Maintenance
April 17  Green Earth Award and Dinner with the Chippewa Valley Group of the Sierra Club 
April 22 Adventure North 50K
April 20-24  Annual IATA Conference in Sheboygan

May 4-6 Sawyer/Swamper/Lopper Crew - Blue Hills
May 7  First Sunday Hike  - Chippewa River
May 10 Mayflower Hike with Natural Resources Foundation - Chippewa River
May 15 Chapter Meeting
May 20  Trail Maintenance Day

June 3  National Trails Day Hike - Harwood Lakes
June 17 Monthly Trail Maintenance
June 20  Solstice Hike with Girl Scouts
June 28  Blue Hills Trail Maintenance Day

July 17 Chapter Picnic at Mill Yard Park, Cornell

August 2  Blue Hills Trail Maintenance Day
Aug. 6  First Sunday Hike
Aug. 19  Trail Maintenance Day

Sept. 3  First Sunday Hike
Sept. 16 Trail Maintenance Day
September 21  Blue Hills Trail Maintenance Day

Oct. - All Month:  Mammoth Hike Challenge
Oct. 7   Parade of Colors Hike - Chippewa Moraine
Oct. 14  Hike and Meet Monty- Chippewa River
Oct. 21  Trail Maintenance Day

Nov. 20  Annual Chapter Meeting