Don't Park Overnight on County Highways

Backpackers and campers should be aware that you should not park overnight on county highway shoulders. If you do, your car will be towed away.

There are many places to park off the roadway which are available to hikers who need to park overnight:

  • The Chippewa Moraine Visitor Center on Hwy M
  • Circle Trail parking on Hwy M west of the visitor center
  • Rattlesnake Hill lot, on 260th Ave between Town Line Road and Plummer Lake Road
  • Hwy E, near Camp Nawakwa, by pulling far off the highway shoulder
  • Hwy CC at the Ice Age Trailhead parking lot
  • Hwy CC at the Perch Lake Fisherman’s parking lot 

Do not park overnight along Hwy M where the trail crosses (near the backpack camp site) as you are sure to be towed there due to the curve and lack of pull-off space.

Do not park overnight on Hwy Z for the same reason.

267th Ave for day use parking only.

Note that the Atlas and trail maps show parking at Plummer Lake boat landing on 167th St, but this is for day use only.