Record Your Volunteer Hours!


If you are a trail adopter, mower, writer, chapter officer, or anyone who works at or attends other than at a formal “event”, you must keep a log of your volunteer hours and submit it quarterly to Libby Stupak. These records are important when it comes time to justify to funders the amount of volunteer impact their support provides. 

The IATA website ( explains record-keeping. You should record your hours on the Individual Hours Log form, which you can download from the web page:  Just go to, just click the big yellow VOLUNTEER button at the top of the page and scroll down past the numbers to the “Get Involved” section where you can find the Volunteer Individual Log form or the first time volunteer’s Individual Volunteer Services Agreement Form.

Each quarter (right away at the beginning of April, July, October, & January) send the completed form to Libby Stupak,

Some volunteers print out a page and keep it handy to write down hours as they occur; later they transfer the entries to the page on their computer so they can email it to Libby. Others use a notebook or a page on their smartphone. Whatever system works best for you, just be sure to use it, and then submit the hours on the form on your computer using email. 

Note:  If you attended a chapter event, such as a meeting or trail improvement day, and signed in on a form at the event (or saw that it was recorded), then you should not include it on your personal record document. 

Remember, mark your calendars to send them at the end of December, March, June, and September (and repeat every year).