Chain Saw Use

While extremely important for trail maintenance, chain saws are inherently hazardous and their use is minimized wherever possible by the Chippewa Moraine Chapter. When they must be used, there are strict requirements established by the IATA and the NPS that govern who may use them, what training is required, and what safety equipment must be present.

The Ice Age Trail Alliance sets forth the requirements in a policy document.

From time to time the chapter or the alliance provide opportunities to receive training in First Aid, CPR, and Chain Saw Safety. In order to take a Chain Saw Safety class, an application is needed.

Training certification is valid for only a limited period and must be retaken to remain current. The life of each type of training is as follow:

FISTA Chain Saw Safety Certification - 3 years (NPS requirement)

First Aid - 2 years

CPR - 2 years

In addition, the DNR requires a safety acknowlegement form to be signed and filed before chain saw use is permitted on state land. This form is collected by the chapter and forwarded to the DNR property manager.