January 2024 Dispatch

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Ice Age Trail Dispatch

January 2024 -  Happy New Year to all!


If you are keeping track of individual volunteer hours, it is time to turn in the 4th quarter hours to Libby Stupak.  Be sure that your columns and rows are totaled.  Send your hours sheet to Libby at stupakls@hotmail.com as soon as possible.


 In 2023, we rerouted trail off a forest road/logging road detour by Horseshoe Lake on the Chippewa Moraine Segment.  The trail now travels high above two lakes to get to Town Line Road.  A bench was also added at a scenic view point between the two lakes.    In 2024, we will be completing a 1 mile reroute of the Harwood Lakes segment at Kim’s Crossing.  This will get us off the logging road.  The trail will turn off the logging road and travel south along the edge of a wetland before turning east and traveling high along the south flank of a hill until it meets up with the west end of the shared Horse Trail.  This route will travel out of sight of any future logging projects along the logging road.  To the south of the hill is a wetland with several kettle lakes.  

In 2023, our carpenters replaced a dilapidated bridge at Brunet Island on the Jean Brunet Trail.  The new bridge was a big success, and we are going to do another bridge build at Lake Wissota State Park this year.  A big thank you to our carpenters for their masterful work.

In 2024, we will take over maintenance of the trail that lies in the Chippewa Moraine National Scientific Reserve.  This includes the entire Chippewa Moraine segment, and the western 1.5 miles of the Harwood segment.  This will add 9.5 miles of trail work for the chapter.  We have added trail adopters to this section of the trail who will monitor the trail and do minor trail cleanup.  In April, we will have a major trail maintenance day to clean up winter damage to the Harwood Lakes and the Chippewa Moraine segments.  We will need a full crew to accomplish this.  If you are not on our trail crew (with a Volunteer Agreement-see below), consider joining our trail crew this year.  There is something special about building and maintaining the trail.  You will never look at the trail with the same eyes again after participating in a work project and learning what it takes to keep  our trails in top condition.  


The Obey Center will be open from 9:00 - 3:00 throughout the year on Wednesday thru Sunday.    They will be hosting classroom groups on Wednesdays and Thursdays as scheduled.  Rod Gont is looking for people to volunteer with the classroom groups throughout the school year.  These visits run from 9:00 to 2:00.  Time is allotted for lunch.  Rod needs one volunteer with each school group to work with Jeanette in the Obey Center while he is working with the students outside.

Volunteer work includes:

     1. Staffing the front desk:  greeting non-school visitors and answering their questions, selling IATA and park merchandise

      2.  Help Jeanette with the Exhibit Search.  Students are divided into 3-person teams.  They receive a worksheet.  They have to travel to different stations within the displays and look for answers to questions.  The volunteer has an Answer Key for the worksheet, and they check the students answers after they complete a station.

     3.  A volunteer may be scheduled to lead a hike.

Email or call Dave Hladilek if you are interested in volunteering.  If you volunteer, Rod will contact you to find out when you are available.

Contact Dave Hladilek at Dave.Hladilek@wisconsin.gov  or call him at 715-967-2800.  Dave needs to do a background check because you would be working with school children.  He needs your name, email, and phone#.

NOTE:  Volunteers for the Ice Age Trail need to have a signed Volunteer Agreement from the National Park Service.  If you do not have a volunteer agreement, you will need to get one from Dan Watson at the Wisconsin office of the National Park Service.  See the article below for instructions on getting the agreement.



The calendar is out for IATA trail projects for 2024.  Go to https://www.iceagetrail.org/wp-content/uploads/2024-Season-at-a-Glance-Trailbuilding-and-Habitat-Improvement_SAVE-THE-DATE_12-01-23.pdf  for information on the upcoming trail events.


For those of you who are interested in taking Chainsaw Training, they have scheduled 4 trainings for 2024.  These will fill up fast, so sign up as soon as the trainings become available.

To learn more about becoming a sawyer/swamper, go to https://www.iceagetrail.org/get-involved/volunteer/nps-chainsaw-training/.   There are some changes posted on the page, so check it out even if you are already certified.

Training Dates and Places:

     April 27-28   Interstate Park

     May 18-19    Samsel Sawmill (Waushara County)

     Sept. 21-22  NPS  Cross Plains

     Sept. 28-29  Kettle Moraine State Forest (Waukesha County)

NEW Volunteer Agreement Links

As we enter the new year, check out the new links for renewing your Volunteer Agreements.  Please use the new links I have posted for the Volunteer Agreement and the email address for sending it in to Dan Watson.  

All volunteers need  to have a completed Volunteer Agreement for the National Park Service each year in order to participate in our trail improvement days or to volunteer at events. They have a new form on the Alliance Website.  

To access the new  Volunteer Agreement, here is the link:   https://www.iceagetrail.org/wp-content/uploads/Packet-Individual-301a-IATR-Staff_508.pdf      Please fill out the fillable form and email it to iatr_vip_ice_age_trail@nps.gov

NOTE:  Fill in all the  required boxes.  The fillable boxes are on everything except the signature line.  You can type your name and date in the date box next to the signature line.  Save the document to your computer and then send it to Dan Watson as an attachment.  Or print off your completed document, sign it, and mail it to Dan Watson.   Dan’s address is on the directions page that comes with the form.  

When you send in the Volunteer Agreement to Dan Watson, he will sign it and return it to you.  Please print a copy for yourself or save it in your files.  Email me at chippewamorainechapter@iceagetrail.org to let me know that you have received your new signed Volunteer Agreement.

Chapter Calendar 2024

These are our annual events.  Watch for information on upcoming events and additions  (in red) to this calendar in the monthly newsletters.  

Feb. 10          Candlelight Ski and Snowshoe at Brunet Island

Feb. TBD      Snowshoe Hike with the Girl Scouts at Camp Nawakwa

March 18      Chapter Meeting

April TBD      Monthly Trail Maintenance- Chippewa Moraine/Harwood Lakes

April 18-21    Annual Conference - Wisconsin Dells- Ho Chunk

May 1              Natural Resources Foundation Hike - Chippewa River Segment (Closed hike)

May 5              First Sunday Hike 1:00  Chippewa River Segment

May 18           Trail Maintenance Day

May 20           Chapter Meeting

June 1            National Trails Day Hike 9:00  Firth Lake

June 15         Trail Maintenance Day

June 20         Solstice Hike with Girl Scouts - Nawakwa

July 15           Chapter Meeting and Picnic - Mill Yard Park

Aug. 4             First Sunday Hike 1:00  Obey Center

Aug. 17          Trail Maintenance Day

Sept. 4           First Sunday Hike  1:00  Harwood

Sept. 16        Chapter Meeting

Sept. 21        Trail Maintenance Day

Oct. 5             Parade of Colors Hike - 9-11  Obey Center

Oct. 19          Trail Maintenance Day

Nov. 18          Chapter Annual Meeting

See you on the trail!

Vicki Christianson
Chippewa Moraine Chapter Coordinator



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