July 2023 Dispatch

Ice Age Trail Alliance
Chippewa Moraine Chapter

Ice Age Trail Dispatch

July 2023

Chapter Picnic at Mill Yard Park in Cornell - July 17

Come and join us on July 17th at the Mill Yard Park at 6:30 for pizza and conversation overlooking the Chippewa River.  Pizza will be provided by the chapter.  Bring your own beverages of choice and a lawn chair.  We hope to see the beginnings of the work on the paved walkway along the shoreline of the Chippewa River.  This will extend from the park entrance on 64 by the Visitor’s Center to Mitchell’s Bay boat landing on Park Road at the north end of the City Municipal property where it will connect with the bike trail.  When completed, it will be part of the new Cornell Segment where it passes through the Mill Yard Park.

If you plan to attend this picnic, please contact Vicki Christianson at chippewamorainechapter@iceagetrail.org to register.    We need a headcount so that we know how much pizza to order.  

*Note the new Cornell Welcome Sign above:   The new sign features a pair of hikers.

New Cornell Segment - New Route thru Mill Yard Park

Cornell is now a segment on the Ice  Age Trail.  The segment begins at the Mill Yard Park at the entrance by the Visitor Center on Hwy. 64.  Stop to check out the historical displays.  Along Bridge Street, you will find the sluice that used to allow the mill to float logs under the street to the mill.(Look for the metal railings)  There is also a State Historical Sign for the Stacker.  Stop in at the Visitor’s Center when it is open.  Just beyond the Visitor’s Center, you will find a historical sign featuring Jean Brunet and Ezra Cornell at the base of the Stacker.

Cornell is installing a paved walkway this summer along the shoreline all the way to Park Road.  Until this is completed, please follow the gravel road that curves around parallel to the shoreline.  There are blazes to guide you.  When you reach Park Road, cross to Thomas Street where you will reach the Old Abe Bike Trail.  Follow the signage through town.  The street portion of the segment follows the old CR route and ends at the Veteran’s Farm and Winery on 8th Street.

Jim Kurz - Former Blue Hills Chapter Coordinator/Current Treasurer

Jim Kurz of the Blue Hills Chapter passed away at the age of 78.  He served as the Chapter Coordinator before Fred Nash.  He was currently the Chapter Treasurer.  He was on a canoe trip on the Missouri River in Montana.  His campsite near Bull Creek was hit by a flash flood.

Jim was born in Wisconsin Rapids in 1945.  He was class valedictorian at John Edwards High School in 1963.  He attended UW-Madison and graduated with a B.S. in Molecular Biology.  He earned a PhD from Vanderbilt University.  He did postdoctoral work at the University of Colorado.  Then he did medical research into cures for Cystic Fibrosis at the University of NC in Chapel Hill.  In 1985, he and his family moved to Ladysmith where he became a professor of Chemistry and Biology at Mount Senario College.

He was an avid environmentalist and outdoorsman.  He was extremely active in many local organizations including the Ice Age Trail- Blue Hills Chapter.   Our deepest sympathy to his family and friends, and to the many people whose lives he touched.

First Sunday Hike:  Sunday, August 6th  1:00

Come and join us on a hike on the Chippewa Moraine Segment  on Sunday, August 6th.  We will be hiking from the Obey Center to the 267th trailhead and back which is a hike of 3.8 miles.  We will be stopping at the new DCA campsite on the Landmark Property.   This was an existing campsite on their property located on the north side of Horseshoe Lake (W).  The Landmark Conservancy partnered with us to connect the Ice Age Trail to their campsite with a spur trail.  This was done as a Eagle Scout project by Jacob Collis.  Landmark Conservancy will be recognizing Jacob for his work when we stop there.

Hikers should meet at the Obey Center parking lot by 1:00.

If you plan to attend this hike, please contact Vicki Christianson at chippewamorainechapter@iceagetrail.org to register.  

Thank you, Volunteers, for all your trail work. 

We had a great turnout for our June Work Day.   We had enough people to tackle 3 projects.    One crew built  a new DCA (Dispersed Camping Area) near the west end of the Firth Lake Segment by the beaver pond bridge.    Another crew repaired trail by the culvert that was installed near the west end of the Harwood Lakes segment.   The third crew trimmed back overgrowth on the Chippewa River Segment.  

Our crew of carpenters repaired a number of bridges up in the Blue Hills for Fred Nash.  Thanks to all that participated in helping out our neighboring chapter.  Bruce also built a carsonite post driver for us which saved us a lot of money for a new one.  In July, the carpenters will be replacing a bridge out at Brunet Island State Park.  The park got a grant that covers the materials, but not enough for the labor.  Our guys volunteering to build the bridge for them.

Trail Maintenance Work in Taylor County July 17-21

The Ice Age Trail Alliance is holding a special Trail Clean-Up event for the Taylor County segments to help Buzz Meyer get the trails into good shape.  This will include mowing, brushing back trail, performing trail repair, and water diversion as needed, and clearing downed trees and branches.  There is a need for blazers as well, since many blazed trees are down.  Come join the Alliance and the WisCorps crew on this work project.

The meeting place will be at the Eastwood Campground.  Volunteers are welcome to join for 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 days.    Volunteers are welcome to camp at Mondeaux Flowage during the event.  They have campsites reserved at the Eastwood Campground.  Everyone is welcome to stay for supper each night, even if you are not staying overnight.  

For more information, or to register for this event, contact Lisa Szela at: lisa@iceagetrail.org

Event calendar:  https://www.iceagetrail.org/event/summer-trail-maintenance-in-taylor-county/ 

Mobile Skills Crew 2023 Events -  Next:   John Muir Park (IAT-University)

Have you thought about getting involved with MSC (Mobile Skills Crew) projects?  The MSC calendar has been set and there are projects going on all over the state in 2023.  Attending an event is a great way to learn about trail building, invasive species removal, and building structures such as boardwalk and bridges.  Experience is not a requirement.  It’s terrific on-the-job training.  Information on the events is available on the Ice Age Trail Website.  Check it out at:  https://www.iceagetrail.org/our-work/trail-building-maintenance/msc-program/      

July 12-16           John Muir Park  (IAT-University)

Aug. 9-13             Iola Ski Hill & Emmons Creek  (Trail Building)

Sept. 6-10           Sturgeon Bay   (Trail Building)

Sept, 26-Oct. 1  Rib Lake  (Trail Building and Celebration)

Oct. 18-22           Cross Plains

Volunteer Agreement Information

All new volunteers need  to have a completed Volunteer Agreement for the National Park Service in order to participate in our trail improvement days or to volunteer at events. They have a new form on the Alliance Website.  

To access the new  Volunteer Agreement, here is the link:  https://www.iceagetrail.org/wp-content/uploads/Packet-Individual-301a-exp-10_2024.pdf   Please fill out the fillable form and email it to Daniel_Watson@nps.gov   Please note the large box at the bottom of the first page of the new Volunteer Agreement.  Dan Watson has provided links and videos for volunteers to look at.

NOTE:  Fill in all the  required boxes.  The fillable boxes are on everything except the signature line.  You can type your name and date in the date box next to the signature line.  Save the document to your computer and then send it to Dan Watson as an attachment.  Or print off your completed document, sign it, and mail it to Dan Watson.   Dan’s address is on the directions page that comes with the form.  

When you send in the Volunteer Agreement to Dan Watson, he will sign it and return it to you.  Please print a copy for yourself or save it in your files.  Email me at chippewamorainechapter@iceagetrail.org to let me know that you have received your new signed Volunteer Agreement.

Chapter Calendar 2023

 These are our annual events.  Watch for upcoming events and additions  (in red) to this calendar in the monthly newsletters.  

July 17 Chapter Picnic at Mill Yard Park, Cornell

August 2  Blue Hills Trail Maintenance Day

Aug. 6  First Sunday Hike

Aug. 19  Trail Maintenance Day

Sept. 3  First Sunday Hike

Sept. 16 Trail Maintenance Day

September 21  Blue Hills Trail Maintenance Day

Oct. - All Month:  Mammoth Hike Challenge

Oct. 7   Parade of Colors Hike - Chippewa Moraine

Oct. 14  Hike and Meet Monty- Chippewa River

Oct. 21  Trail Maintenance Day

Nov. 20  Annual Chapter Meeting

See you on the trail!

Vicki Christianson
Chippewa Moraine Chapter Coordinator



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