July 2020 Dispatch

Ice Age Trail Alliance
Chippewa Moraine Chapter

Ice Age Trail Dispatch

July 2020

The Pizza Picnic is ON at Millyard Park in Cornell, next Wed. July 15.

If you’ve been eager to get together with other chapter members and volunteers after a long absence, you are in luck! We’ve planned a midsummer evening pizza picnic at Millyard Park in Cornell (our newest “Trail Community”) at 6 p.m. next Wednesday, July 15. 

The picnic will feature pizza from the Moon Ridge Brew Pub in Cornell, along with a dessert item, as thanks for your membership and volunteer service. We’re all eager to hear about the state of your summer, the trail, and whatever else is in the air. 

This is not a chapter meeting, and no one who feels they should not engage in this type of activity should come. However, for those so inclined, and who want to re-connect in person, we’re doing our best to have a safe event by following Chippewa County’s guidelines for group assemblies:

  1. Bring your own lawn chairs so we can space ourselves appropriately.
  2. Bring your mask.
  3. Bring your own utensils, plates, and beverages.
  4. The pizza will be served not grabbed.
  5. You have to sign in.

In order to have enough food, everyone please pre-register (even if you previously answered a survey about your interest in the picnic). Please register by Saturday, July 11 so we have enough pizza! (The registration link closes at the end of the day on Saturday!!). 

Definitely Worth Your Time: NatGeo Publishes Powerful Essay by IATA Board Member

Take a look at this essay by James Edward Mills on the history of exclusion in National Parks. 

Trail Dashboard

  • Trail Condition: Excellent
  • Trail Closures: None
  • Posted Detours: Horseshoe Lake, Picnic Lake, Hwy CC/250th Ave
  • Remember to be respectful and keep your distance!
  • Obey Interpretive Center: Closed
  • Backpack Camp Sites at Obey Center: Closed
  • Picnic Lake and Harwood Lake Trail Camp Sites: Open
  • County Forest Dispersed Camping: Open, but not at trailheads (such as Deer Fly Trail).
  • Shuttle Availability: Not Available
  • Chapter Hikes: None Scheduled
  • Chapter Meetings: None Scheduled
  • Trail Maintenance Opportunities: Call Jerry at (715) 723-6955, or email sazfam@aol.com.

Volunteer Service Agreement 1-2-3-4 (Required before volunteering)

  1. First, please read and familiarize yourself with these three documents:
    National Park Service Letter from Eric Gabriel, Superintendent
    IATR-VIP Risk Assessment Tool
  2. Next, please fill out the fillable Volunteer Services Agreement Form 
    (You can just enter your name in the signature, as long as you email the form from your own email address.)
  3. Now, be sure and save the completed form to your computer. Open the copy on your computer to make sure it is filled out! Now attach it to an email and send it to Dan Watson: Daniel_Watson@nps.gov.
  4. Finally, after you receive the signed form back from Dan, please forward it to your local chapter: chapter@iatchippewa.org. We want to know you are ready to go, and record your emergency contact information.

See you on the trail (eventually),

Richard Smith

Chippewa Moraine Chapter Chair


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