Mid-January 2019 Update

Ice Age Trail Alliance
Chippewa Moraine Chapter

Ice Age Trail Update

Mid-January 2019

Let Your Inner Naturalist Shine!

DNR parks manager Dave Hladilek is looking for a naturalist to join the staff at the Obey Center and Chippewa Moraine Ice Age Reserve. The position is called “Assistant Naturalist Guide", and involves working with the public, the school groups, and miscellaneous maintenance from feeding snakes to taking care of the property and trails. It is a limited term employment position (LTE). It sounds like many of our volunteers would be good candidates, so if you are interested, or know a good candidate, check out the posting. Note: the deadline is Monday, Jan. 21.

Family Snowshoe Hike - Sunday, Feb. 10

We’re teaming up with Mayo Clinic and area Girl Scouts again this winter to present a Family Snowshoe Hike at the Chippewa Moraine on Sunday, Feb. 10, 2019 from 1-3 PM. There will be a couple of hikes based on the age and experience of the hikers, so come if you have NO experience, or come if you have a lot. In fact, come even if there’s no snow — there may not be much where you are, and still be plenty on the deeply-shaded north-facing slopes.

After the hike, there will be warm beverages and snacks. Limited snowshoes are available.

See more information here, and please register online by Feb. 5! 

Send Volunteer Hours for October - December

Please send in your volunteer hours for the three months from October to December. This includes any hours for work NOT performed in a group setting, such as a work day or a chapter meeting. If you’ve come across any hours from a prior quarter that you didn’t already send in, please include those as well.

Aaaand The Shutdown Continues

Remember that volunteers are not to perform volunteer work out on the trail while the shutdown continues, because it affects the National Park Service, which includes trail volunteers.

New Chapter Email Address

Remember to update your address book and use the following email address: chippewamorainechapter@iceagetrail.org. It’s easy to remember, and is consistent with all the other chapters. The old addresses will be forwarded for a bit, but eventually they’ll go nowhere!