March 2019 Trail Dispatch

Ice Age Trail Alliance
Chippewa Moraine Chapter

Ice Age Trail Dispatch

March 2019

Snowshoe Hike - Barb Leetzow

Think Spring and Reconnect at March 18 Chapter Meeting

It’s been a long and inconvenient winter, but there is light at the end of the tunnel, and it is time to swing into action for the new trail season. Our first meeting after the winter hiatus will be at 6:30 p.m. on Monday, March 18, at the Chippewa Falls Public Library in the large meeting room. Come and learn about what is in store for spring projects, and help develop our plans! Several challenges are facing the chapter in the coming months, and we need all your ideas and participation. 

Information at

View from Gibralter Rock - IATA

Register Now for Annual Conference at Baraboo

It’s time to register for the IATA Annual Conference at the Ho-Chunk Casino Conference Center just north of Baraboo. If you plan to spend the night right at the conference hotel, note that the conference rate ends on March 11. You can find full details about the conference, programs, hikes, and pricing online at The information online is considerably expanded and updated from what appears in Mammoth Tales, so be sure to check there before deciding on your participation plans. After you’ve decided on your plan, you can continue to register for the conference at the same site. 

April 22, 2018 - Richard Smith

Coming Up: Annual Spring Trail Cleanup

Our annual spring cleanup project will be held this year on Earth Day, Monday, April 22. We’ve moved it to Monday due to avoid the Easter weekend, but hope you’ll take advantage of the weekday schedule and the chance to get out and celebrate Earth Day. 

It is an important event because of the Chippewa 50 trail run on the following Saturday, as well as the general need to take care of whatever downed branches and trees have appeared over the winter, and make possible repairs to structures. The possibility of high water could mean some additional unexpected maintenance.  

It is also an opportunity to get out, stretch your legs, and see the trail for the first time in the spring.

Meet at the Deer Fly Trailhead south of County Highway M at 9 a.m. We usually work until around noon and then have some snacks.

If you think you can join us, please register online by April 21. We ask you to register so that we can best plan how we are going to accomplish the task. You can add a comment for the leader. It also allows us to contact you if bad weather causes changes to our plans.

Additional and updated information is at, including the registration link (at the bottom under Website).

Snowshoe Hike - Barb Leetzow

Snowshoe Hike

Perfect snow conditions and two well-marked routes greeted the enthusiastic group that came out for our second snowshoe hike, conducted in cooperation with Mayo Clinic Health System and the Girl Scout organization. Unfortunately, there was a blizzard going on, and some highways and roads were closed, so the attendance was restricted. Despite that, all of our volunteers made it, and we had a great time out on the trails, meeting some new families, and experiencing a completely different perspective on the wonders of the Chippewa Moraine. 

Outdoor Expo

The spring Outdoor Expo in Minneapolis is coming up April 26-28, and if you’re interested in being on the show team for this show, please let us know. Our chapter staffs the booth on Sunday, April 28. It is a full day, but interacting with silent sports enthusiasts and novices is always rewarding, as well as meeting peer groups and learning what they’re doing. And if you’re in the market, there are opportunities to pick up some discounted outdoor gear during your free time.

Chapter Email Address

In case you missed it, we are using a new email address! Please update your address book and use the following address: It’s easy to remember and is consistent with all the other chapters. The old addresses will be forwarded for a bit, but eventually, they’ll go nowhere!