August Dispatch

Ice Age Trail Alliance
Chippewa Moraine Chapter

Ice Age Trail Update

August 2019

Sunday Hikes Resume This Sunday, Aug. 4

We’ll explore a section of the trail near the Obey Center at the August Sunday Hike. The trail always has a story to tell, and early August is no exception. Join us for a 3.5 mile hike and see the well-endowed (with water) lakes and ponds, berries, and frogs along the route. 

Meet at 1 p.m. on Sunday, Aug 4, at the Obey Interpretive Center. Bring water and a snack, and your favorite bug repellent. 

Please let us know if you are coming by registering.

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August Trail Improvement Day Planned for Saturday, August 31

We’ve moved the August trail improvement day to the end of the month to capture some milder weather. We’ll be back at the new trail building project that we’ve been working away at this year between Deer Fly Trail and Hwy E. 

We will meet at 8:30 a.m. at the Deer Fly Trail trailhead parking area, 25475 Deer Fly Trail. We’ll have light refreshments at the conclusion, but bring your own water, possibly a snack for mid-morning, and the usual bug repellent, & gloves. We provide tools. 

Please confirm  your intent to attend the improvement day via email so we can plan for you.

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Trailtessa Retreat Coming to Obey Center on Saturday, Sept. 28

The Alliance has been sponsoring a series of events focused on women and they’ve planned a morning event at the Obey Center from 9 a.m. to noon on Saturday, Sept. 28. On the agenda are several hike options (4.5-mile, 2-mile, and less-than-a-mile), light refreshments and snacks, and camaraderie. If you are interested in signing up (registration is required but there is no charge), go to

The theme of the day is “Be LOVED”:

"Be grounded. Be centered. Surround yourself with those you love and keep what’s important to you front and center. Experience the wonder of summer turning into fall and the landscape erupting with glorious color. Love yourself. Love your neighbor. Love nature."

In addition to participating, our chapter has been invited to assist with supporting the event by helping with registration, leading hikes, helping at a crafts area, answering questions about the area, and donating baked goods. If you’d like to help out in one of these ways, let us know and we’ll pass the word on.

Mark the date: September Sunday Hike, Sunday, Sept. 1

Our Sunday Hike in September will occur on Labor Day weekend, Sunday, Sept. 1. We’ll meet at 1 p.m. as usual, but the meeting place will be determined later. 

Go right ahead and register for the event if you plan to come. 

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Trail Around Firth Lake Reopens

You can once again enjoy the hike around Firth Lake and the great views from the boardwalk. This section of trail was closed for part of the summer but has now reopened. The trail that has reopened extends from the junction with the parking lot spur trail on the west side of the lake around the lake and east to a forest access trail, which takes you back to 250th Ave. The forest access trail is marked with blue blazes. 

This shortens the detour route along 250th Ave by 1 mile, although it is slightly longer than the prior detour route. Hikers are still detoured on 250th Ave for 1.25 mile and on Hwy CC for 1.25 mile to the Hwy CC parking area. This detour was caused by losing access through a privately owned section of trail in the middle of the span on May 1. 

Flooding Causes Trail Havoc

The high water all around has caused several instances of flooding requiring temporary reroutes of the trail. In addition to the high water at Horseshoe Lake near Townline Rd which caused a reroute (and is now itself under water on Townline Rd), Picnic Lake west of Hwy E has risen to levels necessitating a reroute as well. 

There are three areas involved as the trail circles the lake. In one case the trail has been rerouted. In another, no reroute option exists so you have to scramble along the edge of the water or scramble through brush higher up the hillside. Finally, the approaches to the bridge are also under water. Water-resistant footwear is probably a good idea!