Government Shutdown 2018

Happy Holidays, everyone!

The trail is open to enjoy during the holidays. You might enjoy a hike or snowshoe hike on the newly rerouted section through the Krank Preserve, parallel to Hwy CC near Cornell.


In the (unlikely) event that you had planned on performing any volunteer service on the trail or in the shop for the Ice Age Trail in the near future, I’m sorry to have to tell you that the government shutdown applies to us as well. The reason is that your volunteer activity would not be covered in case an injury occurred. You’d be responsible for any medical or other liability expense. The IATA doesn’t take this lightly, as they don’t have any means to cover injuries in the absence of federal VIP coverage. Therefore, IATA policy is that all activity is suspended until the shutdown ends. Any volunteer activity is at your own risk and personal liability.

Fortunately, we don’t have any trail events planned until February that we need to cancel. That said, the prohibition could drag on, so be alert to the news before venturing out to hike in the capacity of a volunteer doing trail maintenance work. 

Do feel free, however, to send in your accumulated volunteer hours for the quarter ending December 31!

Have a well-deserved rest, enjoy winter and this peaceful time of year.

Best wishes for the holidays, and thanks for all you do to support the trail.