February 2018 Trail Dispatch

Ice Age Trail Alliance
Chippewa Moraine Chapter

Ice Age Trail Dispatch                                                

February 2018

Family Snowshoe Hike at the Chippewa Moraine, Saturday, Feb. 24

Join us for the first Family Snowshoe Hike at the Chippewa Moraine co-sponsored by IATA and Mayo Clinic Health System on Saturday, Feb. 24. The event will run from 1 PM to 2:30 PM and include warm drinks, refreshments, and a bonfire. Bring the kids! If you don’t have snowshoes, you can borrow a pair (Mayo is providing an ample supply). Please register so we can contact you in case of cancellation (click the blue button on the page to register).

We can use some chapter volunteers, both on and off the snowshoes: registration and refreshments, tending the fires, or hiking along and keeping everyone’s shoes on their feet —all are helpful additions to our team. If you can help, let us know.

IATA Annual Conference, April 12-15

Plan to attend the IATA Annual Conference at Blue Harbor Resort in Sheboygan, April 12-15. You can register now, and you’ll want to snag room reservations as well. Full details are at iceagetrail.org.

One highlight of the event is a “Backpacking Track”, a series of workshops all day Saturday to take you from “I think I’d like to…” to “I can do this!” 

Chapter Meeting, Monday, March 19

Chapter members and friends will gather for the first time since fall at our March chapter meeting on Monday, March 19 at the Chippewa Falls Library at 6:30 PM. It’s been awhile, so there’s lots of trail news to catch up on, and a season of events to sort out. They are coming up fast! Join the conversation and help make it all happen.

Chapter Event Calendar Postcard

Chapter members have received their annual chapter annual event postcard, suitable for sticking to the refrigerator door. If you aren’t a member and would like your own copy, you can find one at the Obey Center or on the chapter website (http://iatchippewa.org, under Members & Volunteers).

Where to Find IATA and Chapter Event Information

The go-to place to find current information about all our chapter events and IATA events everywhere is the calendar at the IATA website, www.iceagetrail.org. The Calendar link is in the menu, or bookmark www.iceagetrail.org/events/. To find our chapter-specific events, either choose Chippewa Moraine from the dropdown menu under Event Category and click the “Find Events” button, or just bookmark this button  ⬇︎

Chippewa Moraine Chapter Events

See you on the trail,
Richard Smith
Chippewa Moraine Chapter Chair