Mid May 2017 Update

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Ice Age Trail Update                                  

Mid May 2017

Update on May Trail Improvement Day, Saturday, May 20

There’s room for more a this Saturday’s Trail Improvement Day. We return to the Three Sisters boardwalk for some decking replacement and other nearby projects. See details, and note that the meeting place and timeframe have changed slightly.

May Trail Improvement Day

   Date: Saturday, May 20

   Time: 9 AM - 12 or 12:30

   Meeting Place: Ice Age Trailhead at Deer Fly Trail.

   More detail, location map, calendar widget: http://www.iceagetrail.org/event/chippewa-moraine-chapter-trail-improvement-day-7/

   Registration: Highly desirable. Please use this link to reply online.

   What to bring: Water, snack; mosquito repellant; wear long sleeves and pants, socks; work gloves; rubber boots if you have them.

The ticks have been plentiful, and the first few hungry mosquitos were present on Wednesday. We’ll just work till noonish and then have some refreshments.

Be sure to register. Please email the leader, Jerry Sazama. That way, if there are changes due to weather, etc., we can notify you timely. More here.

Help Plan the Solstice Hike

The new Solstice Family Hike we’ve scheduled in conjunction with Mayo Clinic on Tuesday evening, June 20, will be here soon! We’ve organized a planning party for Wednesday, May 24, at 6 PM, to work out the details, including detailing the types of hikes and kid-friendly activities we will host. Sound interesting? We would value your participation on the committee, especially if you have experience with working with kids in nature. We also need help planning other logistics as well.   

Of course, we will also need help at the event itself, so if you are interested but can’t make it to the planning, let us know that. Greeters, hike leaders, “sweepers”, refreshment hosts, are all needed.

If you want to join the planning party, or want to help at the hike, let us know!

Solstice Family Hike

   Date: Tuesday, June 20

   Time: 7 PM - 9 PM

   Meeting Place: Chippewa Moraine Ice Age Unit, Obey Interpretive Center, 13394 Co Hwy M, New Auburn WI.

   Location map: http://d.pr/gFxSq

   Registration: Optional. Please use this link to reply online.

   What to bring: Mosquito & tick defense; long sleeves and pants, & socks are best for ticks and mosquitos; kids; friends

Solstice Hike Planning

   Date: Wednesday, May 24

   Time: 6 PM - 8 PM

   Meeting Place: 5997 167th St, Chippewa Falls WI

   Location map: http://d.pr/y9t4F

   RSVP: Requested. Please use this link to reply online.

   What to bring: Ideas!

Coming up in June: National Trails Day Hike on Saturday, June 3, at 9 AM (no Sunday hike this month)

Our monthly hike in June will be on Saturday morning instead of Sunday afternoon, and will celebrate National Trails Day. We plan to hike 3.3 miles from Hwy E west toward Deer Fly Trail, though a shorter option is available.

National Trails Day Hike

   Date: Saturday, June 3

   Time: 9 AM - 12

   Meeting Place: Ice Age Trailhead on County Highway E (south of Camp Nawakwa). 25111 County Highway E, New Auburn WI

   More detail, location map, calendar widget: http://www.iceagetrail.org/event/chippewa-moraine-trails-day-hike/

   Registration: Optional. Please use this link to reply online.

   What to bring: Water, snack; mosquito repellant; long sleeves and pants, & socks are best for ticks and mosquitos.

Blue Hills Storm Clearance MSC Event

Volunteers are still sought for the Blue Hills storm cleanup project. It’s a small MSC project, just 3 days total. Once you see it, you will be glad you could help. The MSC has planned a cleanup effort on Thursday-Saturday, June 1-3. As usual, all types of help are appreciated, sawyers, general trail maintainers, trail signers, kitchen helpers, registration helpers, just to name a few. This project is close to allow either staying multiple days and camping overnight, or driving up for one or another of the days and back.  

As is usual with MSC events, meals are included and camping provided free if you wish to stay and not commute. The planning team encourages you to register in advance at the IATA site where you can find lots more information.

Where to Find IATA and Chapter Event Information

The go-to place to find current information about all our chapter events and IATA events everywhere is the calendar at the IATA website, www.iceagetrail.org. The Calendar link is at the upper right corner of the page, or bookmark www.iceagetrail.org/events/. To find our chapter-specific events, either choose Chippewa Moraine from the dropdown menu under Event Category and click the “Find Events” button, or just bookmark this button  ⬇︎

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See you on the trail,

Richard Smith

Chippewa Moraine Chapter Chair


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