March 2017 Dispatch Part II

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Ice Age Trail Dispatch—Part II                                    

March 2017

Spring Fever Workdays at Firth Lake - Fri-Sat, April 7-8

The long-anticipated rerouting of the IAT west of Firth Lake will begin in earnest on Friday and Saturday, April 7-8. It’s a mini-MSC event, coordinated from IATA headquarters, so you should check the full description here. If you can, please register using your account from that web page — it helps with planning the event and meals. Hint: do NOT click on the bright yellow button.

Get a sneak preview of the stunning route planned for the new segment. The activity will be mostly corridor clearing. If you wish to stay overnight on Saturday, indoor facilities are available. Dress carefully, as weather and soil conditions can be highly variable this early in the season! 

Meet at 10 AM at Firth Lake parking area on 250th Ave. (It is a very small parking area, so carpooling is encouraged.) Locally, check with Tony Schuster if you want help with arranging carpooling. The workday ends at 4 PM both days. 250th Ave is about 3.25 miles north of Cornell via Hwy CC (about 1.25 mile north of the Hwy CC Ice Age Trail parking area).

Thousand Miler Book Talk & Signing - Wednesday, April 26

A special presentation by Melanie Radzicki McManus, author of Thousand Miler— Adventures Hiking the Ice Age Trail, will be given at the Chippewa Falls Public Library as a warm-up event to the annual conference. The presentation will be at 6:30 PM Wednesday, April 26, at the Library at 105 W Central St, Chippewa Falls. 

McManus’s new book, which is being released on April 22, recounts her 36 day traverse of the IAT’s 1100 miles. While the list of “thousand milers” has increased by a few intrepid souls each year, those who carry that honor are definitely in an elite group. McManus not only did it in a very short time frame, but happens to be journalist, writer, and editor, so she put it all together in a book to whet the appetite and provide guidance to those who will follow in her footsteps, as well as providing an opportunity for those who will never accomplish the feat to share in the experience.

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