November 2016 Trail Dispatch

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Ice Age Trail Dispatch                                                   

November 2016

Reminder: Our Fall Member Rally is at the Obey Center On Saturday, Nov. 5

The annual rally of northwest Ice Age Trail Alliance members and volunteers is planned for the Obey Interpretive Center on Saturday, Nov. 5. This event brings together active chapter members and volunteers from the northwest chapters to share what their chapters have been doing as well as to participate in informational presentations and demonstrations about important trail activities essential to chapter volunteers. 

The Rally runs from 9 AM to 3 PM, and lunch is provided. Registration is encouraged (for lunch planning especially). You can get more information and updated presentation themes at that location. Walk-in’s are welcome.

The agenda includes IATA news, Chapter networking, and a workshop on “Getting Heard in the Digital Age”. 

The close Rally location makes your attendance an easy call, so we hope you are able to take advantage of it.

Chapter Annual Member Meeting, Monday, Nov. 21

The November elections are coming! It’s time for our chapter’s annual meeting at the Chippewa Falls Library on Monday, Nov. 21 at 6:30 PM. On the agenda are the important topics of electing officers for the coming year, and approving next year’s budget. There will also be reports and a review of our 2016 season, and a chance to look ahead to 2017. 

As always, we look forward to hearing your ideas for chapter activities, and taking a moment to celebrate our season on the trail. 

Outdoor Expo Sunday is November 20

If you’re not overwhelmed with deer season or getting ready for Thanksgiving, the annual Outdoor Expo runs Friday-Sunday, Nov. 18-20, at Midwest Mountaineering in Minneapolis. The northwest chapters team up to staff a booth at the show to answer questions and provide information about the Ice Age Trail. It’s a long day, but great fun, and you can be part of the team. Our chapter handles Sunday at the show, and we would love to have you along. If Saturday works better, we can find a place for you as well. Contact us if you are interested.

Thanks to all the Ice Age Trail Volunteers!

The numbers are in and it was a banner year for the Ice Age Trail Volunteers! We set a record for the number of hours contributed (76,715.05 in 2016) even though the number of volunteers was a bit lower than last year (2,138). If you are wondering, that is the equivalent of having 36.88 full time employees worth of work contributed by volunteers.

At Chippewa Moraine Chapter, our volunteers also set a record for hours worked. Our total was 2,066.75 hours, or just shy of one full time worker. 

The number does indicate the level of commitment of our volunteers, and is an indication of the amount of activity involved in maintaining the IAT. These numbers speak volumes to public officials determining budgets for tools, staff, and real estate purchases, so they serve a double purpose. Of course, individual volunteers work for the satisfaction and joy they get working outside and for a worthwhile purpose that benefits young and old. Still, it’s a great accomplishment for each and all! Congratulations and Thank You!

Where to Find IATA and Chapter Event Information

The go-to place to find current information about all our chapter events and IATA events everywhere is the calendar at the IATA website, The Calendar link is at the upper right corner of the page, or bookmark To find our chapter-specific events, either choose Chippewa Moraine from the dropdown menu under Event Category and click the “Find Events” button, or just bookmark this button  ⬇︎

Chippewa Moraine Chapter Events

See you on the trail,

Richard Smith

Chippewa Moraine Chapter Chair