June 2014 Dispatch

Ice Age Trail Dispatch

June 2014

Explore New Trail and Nearly-Trail on Sunday

We’ll explore the newest trail segment and a soon-to-be-new segment on this month’s “Sunday Hike”. Join Jerry Sazama this Sunday, June 1 as we return to Camp Nawakwa to visit the trail that was completed last September and then explore the partially completed route that will be finished this September as well. We’ll also visit older sections of trail in the Chippewa County Forest to round out the hike.

The meeting time is 1 PM and the place is the Obey Interpretive Center at the Chippewa Moraine. From there, we’ll car-pool to the hike starting point.

The mosquitos and ticks are fighting for center stage this week, so it will be best to be well-covered and armed with your insect repellent of choice. Also bring along a snack and water. Some trail might be wet, so bear that in mind as well. But the forest has burst forth in greenery and the wildflowers and frogs will compete for your attention, so come join in this early celebration of National Trails Day.

June Trail Improvement Planned for Saturday, June 14

A new set of challenges awaits us at our next trail improvement day on Saturday, June 14. Our specific plan is evolving, but your talents will be put to good use and you’ll enjoy your day in the woods.

We’ll meet at 9 AM at the Obey Interpretive Center at the Chippewa Moraine. You’ll want to bring a lunch, beverage, work gloves, and your insect protection strategy of choice. Also be sure to wear sturdy shoes and long pants and sleeves for protection. 

If you plan on coming, it’s important for planning that you email Jerry Sazama with your plans.

Blue Hills Trail Improvement Week

Our neighboring chapter to the north, the Blue Hills Chapter, is long on trail and short on volunteers, and the entire IATA is marshalling forces to assist! This "Mobile Skills Crew" project will extend from Thursday, June 19, through Saturday, June 28. During that period, the emphasis will be on trail improvement: mowing, signage upgrade, structure repairs, etc. It’s the same sort of stuff we all do here, so plan on taking some time and heading north to Rusk County for a day or many days to help out! 

If you’re not familiar with the “Mobile Skills Crew”, it’s a unit of IATA that organizes volunteers to come together and work on a specific project over a multi-day period somewhere on the IAT. Often the projects involve building new trail, but sometimes they involve just the sort of maintenance and rehab work being planned for Rusk County in June.

It’s important that you register in advance so the leaders can properly assign crews and insure meals are available for all the volunteers. Register online (and get full information).

Diane Harp is 2013 “In The Mud” Recipient

At our May chapter meeting we presented Diane Harp with the IATA’s coveted “In The Mud” Award for 2013. Diane has served as our chapter secretary since 2007, preparing reports of chapter meetings, and helping the rest of the officers sort out trail issues. She’s a regular participant at work days and especially preparing for the 2013 MSC project. Chapter members selected Diane in November, and she was recognized at the annual conference as well as our chapter’s presentation. 

Congratulations to Diane and a huge thank you from the IATA.

Don’t Want To Get Our Newsletter?

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See you on the trail,

Richard Smith

Chippewa Moraine Chapter Chair


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