Mid-July 2012 Update

Ice Age Trail Update

Mid-July 2012

Going to the Fair on Wednesday?

Should Simple Simon meet a pieman while going to the fair,

He'd head to the Ice Age Trail table in the Outdoors Life Building,

"'Tis the best trail ever," he would declare!

(with apologies to Howard Johnson's)

If you, like Simon, are headed to the Northern Wisconsin State Fair on Wednesday, July 11, stop by. Tony Schuster is giving a presentation at 1:30 and 3:30, and we'll introduce fair-goers (with or without pie) to the Ice Age Trail.

To be clear, we have no pie, but there is no shortage of food at the fair.

Don't Miss The Annual Potluck and Chapter Meeting at the Chippewa Moraine

Our annual July Potluck Picnic and Chapter Meeting will be this coming Monday, July 16, at the Obey Interpretive Center at the Chippewa Moraine. The potluck starts promptly at 6 PM. Afterwards we'll have a short business meeting to bring everyone up to date on our activities this summer.

We'll enjoy a beautiful view overlooking South Shattuck Lake from high atop the ice-walled lake plain, in the shade of the beautiful Obey Interpretive Center. It's a great opportunity to enjoy the evening view, catch up with friends on summer hiking and other pursuits, and learn what's new along the Ice Age Trail. 

If you haven't had time to make it to a work day or hike for awhile, don't be shy! We'd love to just catch up with old friends.

The Interpretive Center is 7 miles east of New Auburn and 1.9 miles east of State Highway 40 on County Highway M, at 13394 Co Hwy M, New Auburn.

Perch Lake Trail Reopens on New Route

A hardworking crew succeeded in rerouting a portion of the Chippewa River Segment at Perch Lake on June 16. As a result, we were able to re-open the trail, which had been closed due to structural failure and vandalism of the bridge that connected the trail to the Perch Lake Parking Lot on Hwy CC north of Cornell. 

To bypass the bridge, a new route had to be established through woods and field, including an especially dense thicket. Hikers can now enjoy the beautiful Chippewa River Segment from Hwy Z north to CC. While not heavily used at present, it's a very beautiful ½ mile segment of trail entirely on State Park property that was constructed at an IATA  MSC project in 2006. 

Together with another short segment just north along the Chippewa River, the two portions make an enjoyable and unique trail experience. Take care walking along the short section of County Highway CC that connects the two parts of the Chippewa River Segment.

For more information, go to the "Hike the Chippewa Moraine Chapter" webpage and click on "Chippewa Moraine: Reroute (temporary) toward the bottom of the page.