August 2012 Trail Dispatch

Ice Age Trail Dispatch

August 2012

Explore New Territory at August Sunday Hike, This Sunday, Aug. 5

Our Sunday afternoon hike for August will feature a preview hike into the new addition to the Chippewa Moraine. While not on the IAT, we'll take a look at what this beautiful new area has to offer. 

There's a good chance we'll find some blackberries to enjoy, and if that isn't enough, an optional visit to a classic nearby resort on Long Lake will provide refreshments afterward.

The frogs and toads will be hopping, but dry weather has left the woods relatively bug-scarce, so be prepared anyway. Bring along water, and a snack to enjoy mid-hike if you wish. 

We'll meet at 1 PM at the Obey Interpretive Center at the Chippewa Moraine, located 7 miles east of New Auburn on Co Hwy M. The hike will be 3 to 4 miles.

August Trail Improvement Day at Chippewa River

Our August trail improvement day on Saturday, August 18, will complete the restoration of the Chippewa River Trail that we began in June. 

While we finished reopening the closed segment around Perch Lake in June, we haven't tackled the bridge along CC that was hit by the auto. In the last month, Jerry Sazama has been working with the DNR and Chippewa County and the restoration of that site is going to include work performed by the County and funded by the DNR to stabilize the bank, extend the culvert, and build a proper drainage way down to the river hardened with rock. The project will eliminate the need for a bridge.

Our part of the project will be doing final grading and finishing work on the tread that will replace the bridge, and dismantling the old bridge which the contractor will haul up from its perch hanging over the edge of the embankment up to an area where we can work on it. We'll salvage what lumber we can, and take it for storage.

For this trail improvement day, please meet at the Hwy CC Ice Age Trail parking area, 2 miles north of Cornell on Hwy CC, at 9:30 AM. Bring a lunch and insect protection (in case they make an appearance). The site currently has some poison ivy, so wear long pants, boots, and good work gloves in case you accidently come in contact (which isn't likely).

Please RSVP by email if you plan to make it to this work day as it sure helps with planning.

Telling the story of the IAT

We've had a couple of chances to raise awareness of the trail this summer. In July, Tony Schuster gave two presentations at our display at the Northern Wisconsin State Fair. His talk provided information about both the glacial story of the trail and all the many ways people use the trail. Nancy Schuster, Jerry Sazama, and Richard Smith also participated at the display, talking with visitors.

Later in July, Tony gave another talk to a group of girl scouts at Camp Nawakwa, which hosts a section of IAT. He and Jerry took the scouts out for a hands-on introduction to the trail as well. The camp will be the site of a major trail reroute in 2013, and some of the scouts have indicated an interest in participating!

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