Mid October 2011 Trail Notes Update

Ice Age Trail Notes for Mid-October 2011

The Moon Will Shine, But We Won't Be Hiking

We'd planned a Moonlight Hike for this Saturday, along the Chippewa River near Cornell. Unfortunately, road construction on Hwy CC north of Cornell has made it a less-than-desirable situation for a hike, especially in the dark. As a result, we've decided to cancel this year's event, and look forward to a Moonlight Hike in 2012. 

A Great Turnout For A Splendid Parade of Colors

Last week's Parade Of Colors Hike was another great event in the series. 88 hikers took advantage of the shuttle, treats, and hospitality offered by another 14 volunteers. While slightly down from last year (did that frost cause some to roll over in bed?), we're still pretty pleased with the attendance.

Our thanks to the 14 volunteers who worked at the event, drove hikers, made treats, and otherwise made the event take off. Also, our special thanks to Rod Gont at the Chippewa Moraine for his help, and for all his trail maintenance work. Many hikers commented on the excellent condition of the trails.

Don't Miss Saturday, Oct. 15 Visitor Center Celebration

A celebration of retired Representative David Obey's contributions to the Ice Age Reserve and Ice Age Trail will be celebrated at the Chippewa Moraine Visitor Center at a celebration event at noon on Saturday, October 15. There will be speeches, treats, and the formal re-naming of the Visitor Center in honor of Rep. Obey. 

We're planning a volunteer activity in the morning before the event, from 9:30 AM to 11:30 AM. It's designed to be an invitation and a taste of trail work for people who have not done this kind of activity before. We'd like your help on that, helping make it a fun event as well as helping guide the newcomers. If you can make it, please email the chapter

Take a look at the invitation here.

Trail Updates, Calendar Published On Ice Age Trail Web

In addition to our events calendar, we're now posting trail status updates on our portion of the Ice Age Trail Alliance web site. The best way to get there is to go to http://chippewamoraine.iceagetrail.org. Once you get there, the tabs in the upper left corner take you to chapter information, "Hike the Chapter" (the trail map and trail status updates), and Calendar.

For example, we've posted the Hwy CC road closure on the Hike the Chapter page. Read more about how it works, and then check out the pages yourself.

Trail Color is Spectacular, Weather Superb; Don't Let It Pass

We've read the colors are the best in a decade, and the weather is extraordinary, so don't stay home another minute. Head out to your favorite spot on the trail and enjoy. It will soon be but a memory. 

If you come, note that Hwy CC at Cornell is closed, but you can get to the parking area from the north. Also, there is some downed trees and logging slash between CC and Firth Lake, and the Firth Lake boardwalk is somewhat overgrown and could be slippery. From Firth Lake west to the Chippewa Moraine, the trail is in tip-top shape.