April 2010 Ice Age Trail Dispatch

Ice Age Trail Dispatch

April 2010

In this edition:

Sunday Hike Series Begins Sunday April 11

Trail Cleanup Day, Saturday April 17

Outdoor Adventure Expo

Geologist To Tell Local Glacial Story May 17

Ice Age Trail Fair Planned for May 22

Sunday Hike Series Begins Sunday April 11

Join us for a delightful Sunday afternoon hiking the trail and enjoying the open views and fresh sights and smells of spring. Hepaticas are appearing, so we can look for early spring wildflowers as well. This hike will explore the Firth Lake area close to highway CC. Meet at Hwy CC parking lot at 1 PM, bring water and a snack, as well as being prepared for ticks, which are guaranteed. This is one of the best times of the year to see the ice age landscape. For updates and to let us know you're planning on being there, email JoAnn: jjjparks@centurytel.net or call 715 289-3723.

The next "Sunday Hike" is planned for May 2. 

Trail Cleanup Day, Saturday April 17

If you really appreciate hiking on a trail unobstructed by branches lying willy-nilly about, or enjoy hiking when you can focus on the surrounding sights and not on your feet, then you will understand why we do regular trail cleanup hikes. The best way to make sure your future hikes are obstruction-free is to join us on Saturday, April 17 as we clean up a section of the trail from the impact of winter and winds.

Meet at 9:30 AM at the Chippewa Moraine Visitor Center. Bring sturdy shoes, gloves, water, lunch or snack, and be prepared for ticks (guaranteed). You can stay as long as you'd like, but we usually work until 2 or 3 in the afternoon and take a lunch break. It's important that you let us know you plan to come, so we can make the best use of your time and notify you if there is any change. Email Tony: agsustr@charter.net (or call 715 723-6114) with your plans or for more information. 

Future Trail Cleanup or Improvement Days are planned for May 8, and June 26.

Outdoor Adventure Expo

Twice a year our members head over to Minneapolis to talk to hikers and campers about the Ice Age Trail at the Outdoor Adventure Expo. Our next trip is on Sunday, April 25. If you'd like to join the crew this spring (and maybe check out some great deals on outdoor gear during your breaks), email Tony: agsustr@charter.net (or call 715 723-6114). You don't have to be an expert on all things trail to share your enthusiasm.

Geologist To Tell Local Glacial Story May 17

The Ice Age Trail provides a window to view Chippewa County's glacial story, but just what is that story? UWEC geologist Kent Syverson will present a program at our May meeting on just that story, and how to interpret what we see along the trail as part of that story. His talk will be at 7 PM on Monday, May 17 at the Chippewa Falls Public Library. Our chapter's regular business meeting will preceed the program at 6 PM.

Dr. Syverson is an engaging teller of the landscape's story, and if you've had any curiousity about the odd jumble of hills and valleys that make up the landscape of the Ice Age Trail in our area, don't miss this chance to sort it all out. Kame and get your questions eskered.

Ice Age Trail Fair "Trilliums and Tweets" Coming May 22

Plans are shaping up for our exciting regional trail event to be held all day on Saturday, May 22, at the Chippewa Moraine Ice Age Reserve. Think of it as an Ice Age Trail Fair, with displays, presentations, hikes, demonstrations, and fun for kids. We're calling it "Trilliums and Tweets", and our goal is to illustrate and demonstrate the many ways people enjoy the trail. 

Plan to join us and choose from a schedule of demonstrations or hikes from 7 AM to 4 PM and learn just a little about a new way to enjoy the trail. Whether that is birding, wildflower viewing, journaling, photographing, drawing, critter-diving, taking kids on a hike, or you-name-it, you'll get a taste of how its done or what its about.

There will be lots of opportunities for chapter members to help out, with greeting, staffing booths, assisting presenters, helping with food, etc. We're starting to make up a schedule so let us know which part (or all) of the day you'd like to be available to help. We'll also be looking for refreshments, so if that interests you, let us know as well. Just email your preferred time and activity to chapter@iatchippewa.org. 

Note that the date of this event has changed from our 2010 Trail Calendar postcard.

Where To Find Information

Here's where to look for IAT and IATA information:

IATA Information in General: www.iceagetrail.org

Chippewa Moraine Chapter Information: www.iatchippewa.org AND www.iceagetrail.org/ChippewaMoraine/index.htm AND www.twitter.com/iatachippewa (subscribe!)

Calendar of Chapter and Alliance Events: www.iceagetrail.org/ChippewaMoraine/calendar.htm

Hiking the trail: www.iceagetrail.org (check the options under the "Hike the IAT" tab)

National Park Service Information about the Ice Age Trail: www.nps.gov/iatr/index.htm

See you on the trail,

Richard Smith

Chippewa Moraine Chapter Chair


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