September 2009 Dispatch

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Ice Age Trail Dispatch

September 2009

Join our First Sunday Hike - THIS Sunday, September 6

Looking for an outing for the holiday weekend? Come on along on a pleasant afternoon hike on Sunday, September 6 on the Ice Age Trail. It's the September edition of our "First Sunday" hikes, and you are invited.

Meet at 1 PM at the Chippewa Moraine Ice Age Reserve. Bring a snack, water, and repellant. Leave the work gloves at home. We'll hike at a leisurely pace, stopping to smell the flowers and kiss the frogs. Usually the hikes are around 4 miles.

Frog-kissing is optional.

Bridge Rebuilding Completed

As you hike eastward from Hwy CC, you will be pleased to encounter a spiffy newly reconstructed bridge over a small creek. It's the work of an intrepid band of volunteers who worked at our August workday and one followup session a few days later. In addition to the bridge, a bonus project was re-positioning and reinforcing of a second smaller bridge just east of the main bridge, and general trail lopping and sprucing up.

A tip of the mammoth's tusk to Tony Schuster and Dave Rasmussen, chief bridge builders, and helpers Vicki Christianson, Bonnie Mullins, Dee Dechert, Jane Schultz, Donna Pachaud, Mary Skaleki, Richard Smith, landowner Harley Thompson, and staff photographer Bonnie Mullins. Thanks also to Cal Kraemer for suggesting the project and for putting up with the old bridge for so long. (Cal has wrangled the brush mower across that old bridge for several years!) A story and photos of the Saturday workday are on the chapter web site. The finished bridge awaits your own visit. (Send us a picture!)

Chapter Meeting Monday, September 21

Please note on your calendar the September Chapter meeting on Monday, Sept. 21 at the Chippewa Falls Library. We'll put the finishing touches on the annual fall color hike and other fall projects. We start at 6 PM and are done before 8. 

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It's September! Enjoy the Trail!

What more can we say. If you're must have an excuse, we can loan you a pair of loppers, or just take along a pair of gloves and heave any fallen branches you find.