July 2009 Dispatch Update

July Ice Age Trail Dispatch - Update

Chapter Meeting & Potluck

The starting time for the potluck on Monday, July 20, is 6 PM.

Chillin' on the Trail 

Note the registration deadline is this Friday, July 17. Some have asked who is planning to attend from our area so they can coordinate transportation and other arrangements. If you're planning on attending, please send an email to chapter@iatchippewa.org.

If you haven't given it much thought, the event is on July 31 - August 2. The whole event is free, including camping and food! The idea is to introduce a wide variety of activities that can be enjoyed on the trail. It's intended for a member to bring a friend who is not a member. Even if you hope to attend for just Saturday, you need to register so the food is available. This event was completely organized by a group of volunteers from multiple chapters, including Chippewa Moraine member Dave Caliebe.

Join "through-hiker" Chet Anderson as he passes through Chippewa County

Chet Anderson is coming to our area soon! He was last sighted near Medford, walking about 20 miles a day. He'd enjoy your company as he hikes through our area. If you're interested, send him an email with your phone number and he'll give you a call! His email is: caa54024@yahoo.com. Chet is an Indianhead Chapter member who is heading for the finish line!

Interested in meeting enthusiastic hikers from other areas?

We receive occasional requests from hikers from other areas desiring shuttles to help them out with their hike. Everyone who has helped with this has enjoyed meeting the hikers and adding some color and information about our area. If you are interested in helping with this, please let us know!

Two Newsletters?

If you received multiple copies of our last newsletter, please bear with us while we work through a few issues with our mail system.