Mid-May 2008 Trail Dispatch

Chapter Meeting Reminder: Monday, May 1

The Chippewa Moraine Chapter's next regular meeting will be on Monday, May 19 at 6 PM at the Chippewa Falls Public Library. Join us! We will review plans for the upcoming events and trail maintenance activity, discuss chapter bylaws, and explore purchase options for a mower. There will also be Atlases, Companion Guides, Along Wisconsin's Ice Age Trail (Book), coffee mugs, and anniversary hats available for your purchase, so bring along your cash or checks!

First Sunday Hike, Trail Cleanup Day Are Successful

Thanks to JoAnn Parks for leading a successful First Sunday hike this month, and to the volunteers who enjoyed a Saturday cleaning branches, toe-stubbers, and lots of trees off the trail from Firth Lake to CC: Paul Lin, Dan Norstedt, Christine Schaaf, Meg Tauchen, and Jacob Larson. Also thanks to Cal Kraemer for his excellent scouting in preparation for the cleanup! 

Be A F.O.T.M.!

On National Trails Day, Saturday, June 7, you will have a great opportunity to become a F.O.T.M. All you need to do is choose your favorite section of trail, or perhaps a section you've never hiked before, and walk it! Then let the chapter know what you found, especially any maintenance needs. The trail gets a quick one day survey of needs, and you participate in a great chance to be one of dozens of walkers like yourself who will walk the entire trail sometime during that one day. You're even welcome to volunteer for a the road segment, if you'd like. Contact Nancy Schuster, who is coordinating the Mammoth March and the National Trails Day events: nbbsch@charter.net, or 715 723-6114. 

Oh, a F.O.T.M. is a "Friend of the Mammoth".

NTD Event

In addition to the Mammoth March, we will hold our National Trails Day public hike and festivities at the Hwy CC Parking Lot on Saturday, June 7. The hikers arrive between 10 AM and noon, and will be provided shuttles, information, and refreshments. We can use some help with shuttling, greeting, and refreshments. Contact Nancy Schuster: nbbsch@charter.net, or 715 723-6114. Please let Nancy know as soon as possible.

Can't help? Come and walk anyway, and bring a friend!

Trail Highlight: Sandhill Crane Nest

There's a great view of a sandhill crane nest near the trail at Firth Lake. The nest sits on a hummock just out into the lake on the west side, very close to where the trail heads west away from the lake. For a better view, just walk a few yards north on a logging road from where the trail turns away from the lake. You should see the crane either on the nest or standing in the water between you and the nest.

Walk to the spot from 245th Ave or from the Hwy CC parking lot. It's about midway between those two road crossings.

See you on the trail...

The Ice Age Trail

A Walk Through Time