Mid-May 2007 Trail Dispatch

Celebrate New Segment on National Trails Day, June 2

Our annual National Trails Day celebration will allow us to celebrate and show off our newest trail segment in Chippewa County: the new Chippewa River Segment in Brunet Island State Park at Cornell.

Join us on Saturday, June 2, for a celebration that will include a hike on the new segment (about 1.25 mile long), refreshments and door prizes, and further hiking on the adjacent Firth Lake Segment.

The festivities will get underway at 10 AM on Saturday morning, June 2, at the Ice Age Trailhead Parking area, 2 miles north of Cornell on CTH CC.

Experience firsthand the spectacular views of the river, the famous “slot canyon”, and the marvelous bridgework and treadwork constructed by IAPTF volunteers last year at the two Mobile Skills events and at our chapter workdays this year.