January 2007 Trail News

Chapter Meeting – Monday, Jan. 15

It’s our chapter annual meeting to elect officers, take stock of the past year, and look forward to 2007. Join us for this review and preview. Meet at 6:45 PM at the Library in downtown Chippewa Falls.

Website, Simplified

We have a new, simplified way to get to our website. Just type: www.iatchippewa.org and you’re good to go. (The bad old name is still there in your browser once you get there, but this should help us all.)

Volunteer Hours – It’s Time!

We will soon need to report our volunteer hours. You can find a form to download, print, and bring with you to the meeting, or you can mail or email it. While you’re at the website getting the form, also have a look at the article on why we do all this number counting.

Last year, our number of volunteer hours for the IAPTF was down a bit. Perhaps moving to a new accounting procedure made it confusing for some and not everything was reported as a result. At any rate, these hours help determine our relative share of the funding pie at the National Park Service, so it is definitely worth it. And now, it is worth it to you personally, as there are rumors of “fabulous prizes” for those achieving milestones in volunteer hours worked. As they say, “be the first on your block...”

Annual Trail Calendar Is On The Way

You should receive your annual Trail Calendar postcard in the mail soon. If you do not get one, drop an email message with the Contact Us form on this page, and we’ll mail one out. Be sure to include your snail mail address! All the dates for the year’s events/hikes/workdays are in one convenient place. Keep it handy!